Thanksgiving Week – Friday

Today has been an interesting day.  I enjoyed spending all day before my computer pounding out words.  Not very many words, considering how long I’ve been at the computer, but such is the way of life.  Even without leaving the computer, I’ve found several things to be grateful today.

1.  Skype.  It’s a free way to call friends and family via computer.  What’s not to love?  Especially if you have a web-cam.  You’re practically visiting!

2.  Email.  Even if you resist signing up for a Skype account, you probably have an email account.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with people.

3.  Google Documents.  I love typing stories online, on Google Docs, and then inviting friends and family members to them via email.  I can choose whether they can edit the document, or just read it.  I love that it lets you highlight in different colors – then, people can comment directly on the document and mark the comment in their own color.

4.  Cell phones.  Phones were good, but cell phones mark a definite improvement.  A cell phone enables people to contact each other, no matter what – especially in an emergency!

5.  Paperback books.  Have you noticed that hardcover books cost a lot more than paperback books?  I thought so.  I have a lot more paperback books than hardcover books – if the same amount of money went to buying only hardcover books, I’d have a lot fewer books to love!

What electrical (or book-related) things impact your life?

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