Thanksgiving Week – Saturday

Have you ever left home in search of a bus, only to return half an hour later because you gave up looking for the bus stop?  Then left again, in search of another bus that will take you to the same destination as the first?  No, I’m not repeating posts; this happened just this morning.  I have a way with the Local Bus System, don’t I?  😉

Anyway, to wrap up the week, I have more things I’m grateful for.

1.  Ice cream.  It’s good, and there as many flavors as people can think of.

2.  Buses.  Though they sometimes seem like more trouble than they’re worth, they can (eventually) get you where you want to go.  On a related note, a lot of the bus drivers I’ve met and begged asked directions of have been really nice and super helpful.  Maybe it comes with the territory – if you won’t help people with directions, you probably don’t keep the job very long.

3.  Pianos.  They’re awesome.  I wish I’d spent more time practicing as a child – it could come in handy.  Even if it doesn’t, I’d be able to play better now, which would be nice.

4.  Violins.  Never learned how to play them, but one of my brothers can.  A niece and nephew are also learning about playing violins.  Learning how to play isn’t really on my “to do” list (or my teuxdeux list), but I still think they sound cool.

5.  Blurbs.  When I browse libraries (which happens quite frequently, if you haven’t noticed), I like checking books out.  That’s what a library’s for.  It helps, though, to be able to sort through the books and decide which ones you’d enjoy at a given time.  After all, you can’t check all the books out – even if you could carry them home (which, admittedly, would pose a slight problem), it would be difficult to read them all in the two or three weeks you’d have them.  (That’s overlooking the small issue that library rules wouldn’t allow you to check so many out at once.)  My solution?  Pick an area of the library, scan the rows for something interesting, and read the blurb.  If you like it, start a pile; if not, put it back.  When your pile of books reaches 10 or 15 is about your height looks reasonable, check them out.  Blurbs are useful – they give you a flavor of the book without you needing to commit to reading the entire book.  Of course, you could also just read the ending – but that’s cheating.

What are you thankful for this year?  Good health, financial stability, a loving family?  Your rights under the government?  Freedom of speech?  Soldiers?  Butterflies?  Don’t limit yourself to thinking only about what’s wrong in life.  Many things are wrong, and sometimes the only way to fix them is to face them, but take time to notice those things that help make life worth living.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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