An older sister introduced my to the joys and frustrations of crocheting.  Crocheted stitches are a little stiffer than knit stitches, and so it holds its shape better.  At the same time, it takes more focus to crochet than to knit (at least for me).  I’ve knit for many years, and I can knit reasonably well without looking at my project (at least, with very simple patterns…).  Perhaps I’ve not crocheted nearly long enough, but crocheting without looking seems reasonably impossible….

That said, crocheting has taught me many things, and I’ve began designing some of my own patterns.  If you’ve seen my Amazing Authors section, you may have guessed that I’m a big fan of Shannon, Dean, and Nathan Hale’s Rapunzel’s Revenge and Calamity Jack books.  Well, when I really like something, I tend to get a little bit obsessive….

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