Today is Thanksgiving.  It was a great day, filled with family, food, and fun.  I taught one of my nieces how to play The Great Dalmuti.  We played Simon Says, Dodge ball, and nearly played Apples to Apples (it didn’t quite work out – but the intent was there!).

What with today being Thanksgiving, I’ve thought of many things I’m grateful for.  To name a few….

1.  Cars.  Transportation without cars just isn’t the same.  It takes much longer.  Believe me, I know!

2.  Apple pie.  There are many good desserts, but my general favorite is apple pie.

3.  Apples.  Without apples, there could be no apple pie.  As you can see from above, that would be tragic.  I never eat apples themselves – but that’s no reason to not be grateful for them, as I love most apple products I’ve sampled!

4.  Cheesecake.  The world wouldn’t be the same without it.  I made two yesterday, and helped eat one of them today.  Nothing else compares.  Apple pie might be as good, but in a completely different way….

5.  Bookstores.  After all, without bookstores, where could we buy books?

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