Mission Accomplished

Her pigtails are a little crooked, but that’s only appropriate for a representation of a 3-year-old – right?

Rather than tie each hair stand individually in place (like with 12-year-old Rapunzel), I used a yarn needle to pull several strands through at once, then tied them – very securely – in place with the blue yarn.  I didn’t think ahead very well, so the strands were too short to knot in place….  I might take these pigtails out and put new ones in – I don’t want them to come out – but I don’t think so.  I tied the blue yarn very tightly.  Unless someone tries (very hard) to pull the hair out, it’s not going to happen.  Hopefully….

Yup, just checked.  Those pigtails aren’t going anywhere!

Once again, I’m enjoying the eyebrows.

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