In Urgent Need of Rescue

Please help.  Mind taken over by story.  Is not the story I should be working on.  Must… break… free!

That’s certainly how I’ve felt these last few days.  On Thursday, I thought of a story idea.  I was at work, so I jotted down a few notes during a free moment so I could remember the idea later, and tried to move on.

I failed.

I have so many ideas for stories that I need a binder to hold them all.  I start on one and try to stay focused until it’s done, then I move on to whichever one catches my fancy.

This idea jumped the queue.

My ideas never jump the queue – okay, they do sometimes.  But never this violently!

As I said, I thought of the idea Thursday afternoon.  Throughout Friday, I kept thinking about it, tweaking this idea, writing that idea, thinking of a good line to include.

Disaster struck Saturday.  I should have seen it coming.  I’m always most susceptible to disaster when I’m sleep deprived – and I didn’t get much sleep last week, what with one thing or another.

I started writing.  And kept writing.  And kept writing.  And couldn’t stop writing!

By the time I went to bed, I had 3,000 words.  I don’t know if that sounds like a lot to you, but it’s a record for me!

The next day, I shared it with my family.  Well, parts of it.  Just a little at a time, so I could get feedback along each point.  And I kept writing.  After getting home from church, I spent a solid 10 hours at the computer, glancing at the clock every now and then wondering, where has the time gone?

I ended up with another 3,000 words.  No, strike that.  Nearly 4,000 words.

I was too busy to write yesterday – but it’s close.  It’s really close to being done.  A few things feel rushed, and I might need to add a few more scenes, but (time permitting) I may end the week with a 10,000-word “short” story.

Please help.  Can’t… refuse… the story….

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