Thanksgiving Week – Tuesday

It’s snowing outside.  A blizzard’s on its way, but hasn’t (fully) arrived yet.  I love watching snow fall and accumulate.  Other things I love:

1.  Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights.  I saw a remarkable snow sculpture last year – unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, so it now exists only in my head.  I remember holding snowball fights with my brothers while growing up.  My aim was dreadful, but I love thinking back to those days.  Nowadays, there’s simply no time.

2.  Rainbows.  I saw a very nice double rainbow some months back.  I was traveling with some friends, and one of them insisted on taking a picture. (I don’t have a copy of said picture, unfortunately.)  I saw another double rainbow some time ago in my Dry State – it was breathtaking.  If only I’d had my camera.

3.  Hot chocolate.  Few things are nicer than coming in from cold weather and warming up with a cup (or two, or three… ;)) of hot chocolate.

4.  Hot water.  And running water.  I can’t imagine life without either – especially in the winter!

5.  Bookcases.  Need I say more?  😉

What do you love most about this season?

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