Thanksgiving Week – Monday

I’ve been thinking today about crafts and books.  (I know, I know – what else would I think about?  There are other things.  Occasionally.  Honest!)  I’ve also been focusing a lot on music.  (See?  For all of you who want to see Balinese music in action, check this site out!)

Whether Crafty or Not, however, many things have crossed my mind for which I am grateful.  To name a few:

1.  Music.  Each culture has a different flavor, but they all sound very nice when you give them a chance.  For the last few months, I’ve been learning about South Indian, West Aftrican, and Balinese music styles.  They may never make my Top Ten Favorite Song list, but they still sound amazing.

2.  History.  If “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” we should be grateful for history lessons.  We should learn the lessons of the past so that history need never repeat itself negatively.  Besides, history provides great templates for writing!

3.  Friends.  Friends are a lot like family – a true friend always tries to be there when you need him (or her).  Not all friends are true, but I’ve been blessed with awesome friends who are willing to look past my shortcomings, and are occasionally willing to read my stories or let me fix their knitting.  😉

4.  The Facttracker, by Jason Carter Eaton.  Yes, I know – this book was responsible (mostly, if not entirely) for me losing my purse some weeks past.  I forgive it.  After stopping by the Liebrary today, I missed the bus home by about 30 seconds; as I waited the next half hour for the next bus, I read this book.  Hilarious!

5.  Speaking of Libraries….  What better way to get the lots of people reading than by letting them temporarily own whatever book they want?

What brings joy to your life?


Thanksgiving Week – Monday — 2 Comments

  1. On behalf of my book, I’d like to apologize for the lost purse fiasco. My book and I have spoken and it will keep an eye on all your accessories in the future.
    Best wishes!

    • Thank you for speaking with your book. No apology needed – it made up for it by providing much-appreciated amusement during an otherwise-uneventful half-hour at the end of a long day.

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