The Universe Formally Apologizes. I Accept.

You may remember the – ahem – incident a few weeks ago, when the Universe poked fun at me (again).  I missed what I’m sure was an amazing evening at the Local Library in my Dry State.  The Universe enjoys playing these little jokes on me now and then.  It keeps me on my toes.

All the same, I was not amused.

I was at the Local Library again today, and saw the Universe’s formal apology.  There was a sign, advertising a (different) author’s event.  Another author I’m a huge fan of, and of whose books I’ve inhaled all that I find.

You know the author of the Percy Jackson series?  And Heroes of Olympus?  That’s right – Rick Riordan is coming to town.

The author attending the event I missed?  I’ve heard him speak before (and hopefully will again) – but I’ve not met Rick Riordan.

Thank you, Universe.  I accept your apology.

Just don’t let it happen again.


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