The Forgotten Door, Among Other Things

I’ve added to two of the author pages.  Yes, that’s something I’ll probably be doing on and off for a while – get used to it.  😉

First off, I added Alexander Key to the Books I’ve Loved page.  Seriously, of all the books I’ve loved, The Forgotten Door has to be on the Top Ten list.  It’s up there with old favorites, like Black Beauty, Little Women, A Little Princess, or Little Lord Fauntleroy – except it’s shorter.  Which means that you can read it more, and love it more.  He’s written other great books, but that one is my all-time favorite of his.

I also added Spencer Johnson to Books I’ve Loved and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to Other Amazing Authors.

And now, It’s Time for An Update.  I never meant to go so long without  posting.  I should have known better.  I am, after all, a World-Class Procrastinator.  Old habits die hard.

So, if I weren’t so great at procrastinating, what would I have posted about?  Well, I’d love to share, but it’s been a long few weeks, and I’m tired, so I think I’ll tell you tomorrow….

Just kidding.

For one thing, I went to the library about two weeks ago (Monday).  That’s not remarkable in and of itself, but it was raining at the time.  Really raining.  Forget-about-cats-and-dogs,-it’s-raining-tigers-and-wolves raining.  And I had a bag full of books to return.  I live in a Dry State.  It never rains out here.  It wasn’t raining when I left home, so why would I have an umbrella?  I was outside for several minutes (in the rain) before getting to the library, and all I hoped was that the books weren’t too soaked.  It was almost a given that the top books were wet (I felt like someone had turned a hose on me, full blast), but I just hoped I wouldn’t have to pay $300 or so for damages (have I mentioned that I read a lot?  I must have been returning a dozen or so books.  No exaggeration.  If anything, that’s rounding down.)  I entered the library, stepped away from the doors, tossed my hair over my shoulder (so as not to drip on the poor library books) and opened the bag to check the damage.  I was amazed.  The books were dry.  If I had not brought them myself, through the rainstorm, I would never have believed that they were just in from the rain.  Needless to say, I was much relieved.

Another point of interest – it rained just about all week that week.  Maybe not every day, but it felt like it.  As I said, this is a point of interest because this is a Dry State, and it Never Rains Here.  Well, okay.  Not Never – but Rarely.

On a more Crafty note, I made significant progress on my Brute doll.  (And if you don’t know who Brute is, shame on you!  Go to the nearest library and check out Rapunzel’s Revenge.  Then read Calamity Jack for good measure.)  Next up, I believe, will either be Mother Gothel or 16-year-old Rapunzel.  (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, see the above note for Brute.  Then check this out!)  Unfortunately, I can’t finish Brute yet – I don’t have the right yarn colors to finish his boots or give him hair.  Bear with me for a bit, and I’ll post pictures once I’m done.

A week or so back, I was… strongly encouraged to write a few short stories in a limited time.  It was very fun – I threw together five short stories in two days.  Writing is fun; and while I think that writing with a deadline is considerably less fun (as it allows much less time for thinking the story out, planning ahead, fleshing out characters, and such), a deadline is also… very motivational.  I find that I’m a great deal more focused when I have a deadline.  Especially a short one.

The only thing I have left to say is that today was very productive.  Not only did I finally write another post, but I did a Considerable Amount of Cleaning, fixed three separate holes (or split seams) in one pair of jeans (it’s a very nice pair, so well worth the trouble), and fixed a hole near one of the seams in a shirt (again, well worth the trouble – that’s one of my favorite shirts, and I’m not letting it go without a fight.  Or two minutes of sewing, as the case may be….).

Now, to see what I can do about posting some of those finished projects of mine….  That should be an adventure….

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