Pet Peeves

Three days ago, I had intended to walk to a Local Library.  Due to unforeseen weather patterns, I was forced to change my plans, because it was raining.  As you probably know, most people don’t enjoy getting wet, and I hadn’t brought any of my rain gear to work (I was going to walk from my Place of Work to the Library, you see).  Therefore, I was forced to go back to my apartment without new reading material.

The next day, I had planned more carefully.  Rather than just walking outside (as is my want), I looked out the window first.  I saw the rain, grabbed a Rainproof Coat, and went to work.

I had decided on a number of books that I was interested in getting at the Library.  Due to my Foresight, I was able to remember to check out everything that I intended.  Unfortunately, in my own opinion, I suffered great disappointment in one of the books that I had planned to select.  It was available, and I was able to check it out.  The disappointment came later.  When I began reading it, I had a very hard time immersing myself into the plotline of the story.

Any guesses why?

After thinking about it for a while (this happened with the previous book in the series, so I have been thinking about it for a while), I think I’ve come to a conclusion.

The story’s writing is rather passive.  (And, unfortunately, the above use of “want” as seen above is an actual typo I came across.  I’m well aware that it should be “wont.”)  There’s also a lot (read: A LOT) of maid-and-butler going on – at least, that’s how it seems to me.  When the characters talk, there’s little going on between the lines of dialogue – it’s literally little more than “he said, she said.”

And it drives me crazy when characters use a previously-unmentioned-but-highly important element to drive a plot.  That just feels like cheating.  (As I mentioned when talking this over with a family member, if you look at the Harry Potter series, Horcruxes don’t appear out of the blue.  They’re first mentioned by name in book six, but there are references made throughout the entire series.)

If you suffered physical or mental pain reading the first paragraphs, I’m sorry.  I know how much it hurts.

The book I’m reading?  It’s just like that.  All the way through.  I shudder with every page I turn.  And yet…  I’ve stuck with this series for years.  I want to believe that on the next page, things will be better.  I care about the characters – though, I care less the more I read.  It’s hard to care about characters when reading hurts.

Here is another (less passive) way of saying the same thing as in my first paragraphs.  If you disagree, I’m sorry – please leave a comment, and I’ll learn from my mistake(s).

A few days ago, I planned to visit the Local Library.  This was not to be.

Of all days to rain, my Dry State chose that day.  Being my usual scatterbrained self, I forgot to take any precautions as I ran out the door on my way to Work – including a Rainproof coat or an umbrella.  I had a light sweater on, which was good – but not good enough for a Walk To The Library.  At the end of my workday, I looked at the clouds, checked how hard it was raining, and shrugged.  I didn’t have anything due, so there was no rush – though I was rather sad about a Good Book I’d read about online that I’d hoped to check out.  I decided to prepare better the next day.

The next day came.  It was (somehow) still raining.  I grabbed my sweater and a coat to throw on over it as I ran out the door.  It was barely drizzling when I finished Work for the day, so I felt good about visiting the Library.  (By the way, there really should be a verb just for that: going to the Library.)

Some of the books I wanted were there, though not all.  After checking them out, and getting back to my apartment, I sat down and read.

And read.

And read.

The book I’d wanted to read?  Everything I hoped for and more.  The next?  Still amazing.

There was one book I was somewhat hesitant to pick up.  It’s the latest book in a series my family has followed for several years.  I used to love them, but the last one was rather disappointing for us.  I thought I’d give the series another chance.

And now you know… the rest of the story.


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