Oh, The Games You Will Play

In recent months, I’ve had the privilege (and luxury) of being able to spend time – on a fairly regular basis – with some of my nieces and nephews.  It’s always an adventure.

They don’t play video games.  They don’t use the computer.  They don’t watch many movies.  What do they do with their free time? you ask.

What free time?  They’re too busy playing.

They play board games.  They love card games.  I believe I’ve mentioned my Klein Bottle Bag?  I use it to store my finger puppets – and do I ever have finger puppets!  Those are a hit – several puppet shows have been staged, all with very entertaining results.  If all else fails, they use some Rapunzel Braids (crocheted strands of yarn – thus far unattached to any doll, sadly), tie one end around one of the Rapunzel dolls (or a puppet – they’re not picky) and go “Rapunzel fishing.”

That’s only a small sample of what happens when their imaginations get loose.  Would you like another?  No? Why not?  It’s really interesting, promise.

What?  Oh, all right.  If you insist.

Have you ever heard the nursery rhyme called “Three Little Ghosteses”?

Good.  I’m not the only one.

I’m not entirely sure on the spelling, but it goes something like:

Three Little Ghosteses

Sitting on posteses

Eating buttered toasteses

Greasing their fisteses

Up to their wristeses

Oh, what beasteses

To make such feasteses

One player (determined by the child responsible for choosing the game, generally) goes to a prearranged spot and recites the poem.  Everyone else has to hide (with a beach ball) in the time it takes for the player to recite the rhyme and return.  From here on out, it’s a lot like Hide and Seek, except that the goal isn’t just to hide – you need to hide somewhere so that you can throw the beach ball at the seeker before he finds you.

Not excited yet?  It gets better.  I’ll tell all about the spies in my next post.


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