In Which The Universe Is Still Laughing….

You may remember the previous times the Universe has Laughed at my expense.  Or you may not.  It’s happened a few times.  For one of my more spectacular experiences with said Universe, check out this story from a year and a half ago.

So – I stayed up late last night.  Yes, I was up past six.  (I have something of a strict bedtime these days.  You get used to it.)  And this morning, I was up and running at three.  (Hence the strict bedtime.  Yes, there’s a reason; no, it’s not relevant.)  I gathered my copies of Rapunzel’s Revenge and Calamity Jack, fetched my Fablehaven T-shirt, grabbed my Rapunzel dolls, and unearthed my camera.  (For those of you wondering why there have been no promised pictures of Harry Potter Puppets these last few months, there’s your answer.  I apologize.  After I finally remembered to take the pictures, I went and lost my camera.  It’s safe now, though – scout’s honor.)  I even debated the merits of buying my Own Copy of Beyonders (it’s amazing!).

What’s that you ask?  Why?

I planned to attend a Launch Party for the second Beyonders book, hosted by a Local Library.  At least two amazing authors were to attend.  It would be several hours of all things fun: books, more books, and authors.

This morning, as I began checking with siblings to see if they wanted bookplates signed, I began to get a funny tickle in the back of my brain.  I didn’t have my calender book with me, and I decided to check online to make sure I was on top of things.

I wasn’t.  The party was last night.  I need to plan these things better.  And the universe needs to stop laughing at me.

At least I had an in-progress Rapunzel doll and my juggling balls to console me….

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