In Which I Have Much to Catch Up On

How did the time fly?

I had a Book in mind for each and every Week I missed, I promise.

April 6 and 13 weren’t hard to decide.  On Thursday, April 5, I read Across the Great Barrier by Patricia C. Wrede.  It’s the second book of her Thirteenth Child trilogy.  The third is yet to be published, but it’s going to be good; this is Patricia C. Wrede – good is a given.  Immediately after finishing that, I picked up Jessica Day George’s Tuesdays at the Castle – not to be confused with Gail Carson Levine’s Tale of Two Castles.  Some months ago, I read the one and forgot about the other.  One of my sister’s was kind enough to remind me of it’s existence.

At any rate, both were good, and I couldn’t decide which to post as book of the week, and finally decided to award them joint-status as Books of the Week… when life turned super busy and I plain forgot (read: couldn’t find time) to throw a blog post together.  It’s strange – you’d think that if I have time to read a book, I’d have time to post a review.  I’ve realized something, though.  It’s not that I find oodles of time laying around, and I try not to skimp on time for Important Tasks.  That time needs to come from somewhere, and I’ve (finally) figured out where.

Sleep.  And I can’t do other things during that time because the book’s often the only thing keeping me awake.  That’s a Catch-22 if ever I’ve found one.

I was going to finish off April with a Book of the Month.  After an Incredibly Busy Week, I treated myself with Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion.  It is also the second book in an unfinished trilogy.  I read the first (Beyonders: A World Without Heroes) a year ago, when it first came out.  It was love at first read.  The second is, if anything, more amazing.  And I have the author’s personal promise that the third will be even better.  I’m not sure I see how that’s possible, but Brandon Mull hasn’t let me down yet!

Last week’s Book of the Week?  You have to ask?

I don’t know if you remember a certain Rick Riordan event I mentioned several weeks ago?  It was incredible.  Riordan speaks as well as he writes.  His presentation was so well prepared that, by the end, my watch confused me.   How could everything have happened in only one hour?  Surely it had been at least an hour and a half….  But the clocks don’t lie.

Anyway, my point is that the event was in celebration of the new release of the third Kane Chronicles book – The Serpent’s Shadow.  If you haven’t heard of the Kane Chronicles trilogy, it’s about Egyptian mythology.  Similar to, yet different from, the way Percy Jackson is a series about Greek mythology.  The interaction between mortals and ancient gods is handled differently, but its plot, characters, dialogue, and overall narration are just as amazing.  The Book of the Week for May 4 is The Serpent’s Shadow, Rick Riordan’s conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.

I seem to gravitate toward trilogies, don’t I…?

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