Crocheted Stuffed Animals

I admit it – when I posted Saturday night about taking and uploading pictures of completed projects, I didn’t think I’d get to it this fast.  I’d just called myself a world-class procrastinator, after all.  So what happened?

Simple.  Some of those projects fell due.  I made some as gifts for relatives out in This Dry State.  Those relatives came by to visit earlier today, and I knew that if I wanted pictures of my projects, I needed to take them ASAP.  (Naturally, this is when my camera begins telling me that it’s old batteries – from 2 or 3 months ago – are Dying.  I’ve never heard of batteries being eaten at such a rate – but I digress.)

And then, of course, as long as I had everything loaded staring at me on the computer, I decided that there’s no time like The Present for putting them where they belong.  So, take a look at the Crafty Corner for some super-cute stuffed animals.  (This is a completely unbiased opinion.  If you disagree, I blame my camera.)

I’ve seen some really cool ways of displaying multiple pictures at once.  (Just now, I’m thinking of this way.  Watch the picture – it fades into another picture.)  I’d like to do something like that for the Crafty Corner.  Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered yet how to do that.  Once I figure it out, I’ll consolidate all those pictures into one slide show (or more – I’m still thinking about it).  Until then… until then, I’m going to have an extremely long page with many pictures along it.

I think I’ll go make some artisan bread now….

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