Angels and The Lost-And-Found

I just want to preface this by saying that I don’t usually forget things.  Particularly not important things.  But… my old purse died about a month ago and I’m still adjusting to the new one.  The old one had a nice long strap, and I could wear it everywhere.  I didn’t have to worry about forgetting it.  The new one?  It has a very small strap.  The best I can do with it is wear it on my arm.  I don’t like doing that very much because the strap is also connected to the main pocket’s zipper.  If I’m wearing it, I have to worry about it flying open if I turn wrong.  Even if this never happens, I’m highly imaginative, and… I don’t even like to think about it.

Okay.  That said, I’m going to try to tell this properly (read: in order).

It begins, as with so many things, with a library book.  (Speaking of library books, I returned the Library Stack of Doom on Monday.  I should have taken pictures.  Nineteen books, three movies, and two CDs.  I love libraries.)  The book was due today, and I’ve not gotten to it, so I took it along with me to a lecture so I could look through and see if it was worth checking out again (it looks promising – The Facttracker by Jason Eaton).  I arrived early for said lecture, and opened the book.  Several chapters in, I looked at my watch.  It was nearly time to find the lecture-room.  I stood up, put my book in my bag, grabbed my bag, and left my purse.

Let me say that again.


The awful thing is, I occasionally put my purse inside my bag (so I don’t have to worry about leaving it behind) – but not often (because I want it to be easily accessible.  Search through one bag for another bag to find my bus pass or keys?  No, thanks!).  Needless to say, I didn’t even notice the thing was missing until five minutes after the lecture – and only because I wanted to call a family member about the Very Interesting Book I’d been reading.

My cell phone lives in my purse, and my purse was not in my bag.

I looked in my bag again.  No purse.  I searched where I’d been sitting for the lecture.  No purse.  I searched the area where I’d read the book before the lecture.  No purse – but a lightbulb clicked on.  That place was the last spot where I’d seen / had my purse.  If it wasn’t there, then in must be in the Lost and Found.  I refused to consider the decidedly-less-than-favorable alternative.  I’d cross that bridge if I came to it.

I found the building’s information desk.  I asked the Kind Ladies behind the desk if I could check the Lost and Found box – there was a Lost and Found drop-off bin right there, but built like a library’s Return Box – meaning anyone could put anything in, but you’d need a key to take it back out.

One of the Kind Ladies got the key, asked me what I was looking for, and what color it was.  When she opened the bin – there was my purse! I thanked them both, rushed outside (I think – I was in a bit of a daze at that point) and checked the contents.

My ID was there.

My bus pass was there.

My Library Cards (yes, two of them) were there.

Both sets of keys, my wallet (all intact), my flashdrives, my cell phone – so far as I can tell, everything is there.

There is an Angel in my Dry State.  I’m grateful the purse wasn’t found by someone less scrupulous.

And yes, I returned the library book.  😉


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