Wow.  Has it been ten years already?

Ten years ago today, I sat in a classroom.  A teacher wheeled a TV in and turned on the news.  Life changed.  One of my teachers was anxious – she had a brother who worked at the Pentagon.  (He was safe.)

This was the first time I’d heard of terrorism.  I had a hard time understanding how people could do such things to fellow human beings.  Sometimes, I still wonder.

I remember the following days.  The news was always on, and I hoped every day that more survivors would be found in the wreckage.  It was a black day for me when I heard that nobody expected to find any more still living.

My family was not directly affected by the attacks that day – but I have often mourned for those that were.

It’s been ten years, America.  Don’t forget – and don’t give up.

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