I Can’t Deny It – I’m a Reader

Posting completing slipped my mind on Monday.  I can’t imagine why – it’s not like I’ve got anything to do but tinker with the website and blog all day….  😉

In any event, on Monday I remembered some more authors whose books I really like.  Unfortunately, they didn’t fit either of the pages I’d already made – Follow That Author! and Other Amazing Authors.  You probably know what that means.  Yes, I made yet another page for authors (hey, I can have three pages of favorite authors if I want.  There’s no law against it – at least, none that I’m aware of….  I read a lot – after a while, you accumulate a long list of favorite authors).

In other fun and crafty news, I’m a good portion of the way through a crocheted Brute doll to go along with the Rapunzel one’s I’ve made.  If you don’t know who Brute is, I highly recommend that you read Shannon Hale’s Rapunzel’s Revenge!


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